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Contract Terms and Conditions


EZ Internet bill cycle is 28 days from service start date. Bill cycle restarts monthly.

Internet service is prepaid and due date is 3 days prior to service end date each month.

Subscribers must pay for their service 3 days prior to their monthly start date. If service is not paid, the service will be de-activated.

Service bills are sent via email only.

Service bills are emailed to the subscribers email on file, (presented by the subscriber) 14 days prior to customer due date.

EZ Internet requires auto bill pay for service. Subscribers who payment method fails can pay online or over the phone, and they must update their billing information.

EZ Internet will attempt three times to collect payment from the subscriber payment method on file in the following order: on the bill due date, 1 day after the bill due date, 2 days after the bill due date. If the subscriber payment cannot be processed and the customer has not called in a payment 3 days prior to service new cycle date, the service will be deactivated.

Service De-Activation

If a subscriber service is de-activated, they will be charged a new activation fee of $25.00 and a late fee of $15.00 to re-activate their service.

Service that remains in deactivation status for more than 15 days without a prior payment arrangement will be cancelled and deposit will be forfeited.

Payment Arrangements

Payment arrangements must be made before the new bill cycle is due.

Payment arrangements can only be up to 14 days and the service will not be reconnected until it is paid. (Deactivation fee of $25 is waived), a late fee of $15.00 will be applied to the account.

Cancelled Service

Service past due fees and new fees must be paid within 30 days of deactivation date or service will be cancelled.

If a subscriber service has been cancelled more than 45 days, they must pay all past due charges, plus a new deposit to reactivate service.


EZ Internet does not issue credits for services interrupted for 4 days or less.

If the subscriber has went without service for a minimum of 5 days, subscriber will be credited for all days without usage or 40% or less than normal usage.

EZ Internet does not refund cash for outages.

Credit for outages will be applied to the subscribers next bill cycle.

Subscriber must notify EZ Internet of outage no later than 24 hours after service interruption.

If subscriber has gone 15 days without any service, EZ Internet will automatically deactivate and cancel service, and refund the last month of service cost at a pro-rated rate.

If Applicable- If the EZ Internet customer has completed 4 bill cycles and received their $50.00 reward card, EZ Internet will deactivate and cancel service without refunding deposit per “EZ Internet Deposit” agreement.

Data Usage and Speed

Internet speeds are up to and determined by usage.

Internet data is unlimited.

EZ Internet Activation Fee

A activation fee of $75.00 is required by all subscribers.

EZ Internet cannot waive the deposit and cannot process any credit checks to determine activation amount.

Contract Terms

EZ Internet requires a 12-month contract for all subscribers.

If the subscriber cancels before 120 days, there will be a $50.00 cancellation fee, which will be charged to subscriber payment method on file and any deposits paid will be forfeited.

$50.00 Reward Card – If applicable

EZ Internet will email subscriber a reward card redemption form to complete and return to EZ Internet. The subscriber must complete the redemption form in full. Once IPC has received the redemption form EZ Internet will send the subscriber the reward card via mail.

Rewards card are sent via mail, and can take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

EZ Internet is not responsible for redemption cards not received. Please be sure to complete the form correctly with an updated address.

Any reward card not received by the subscriber will not be replaced or will not forfeit the Non-refundable deposit agreement.

Reward cards can be used anywhere they are accepted.

EZ Internet is not responsible for items, products, services, or subscriptions purchased using the reward card.

Payment Schedule

Customer will pay the following fees monthly

· Service cost $TBD

· Installation Cost $6.99 – If applicable

· Modem Lease Fee $10.00

· Surcharge Fee $3.00

Fees of Service

The first year of service the customer will pay $10.00 a month for the lease of their Wireless Gateway Modem for 12 months. Each following month the customer will only pay $5.99 monthly for the entire duration of activation for their Wireless Gateway Modem. The customer has an option of purchasing the modem up front for $99.99.

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